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SMART & EASY Extra Slim Universal Magnetic Cell Phone Holder & Car Mount For Any Size Cell Phone Apple And Android (Twin Pack)

$29.99 $15.99

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SMART & EASY Universal Stick On FLAT, Twin Pack Extra Slim Magnetic Car Mount Holder is Finally Here!!

EASIER LIKE BREEZE:Mounting your phone on a mount in the car has never been easier! SMART & EASY Magnetic Cell phone Car Mount for smartphones saves you the hassle of placing your phone securely to ensure it doesn’t fall. Just stick it on your car dashboard!

The SMART & EASY Car Cell Phone Mount features a unique one-touch magnetic technology, which means your smartphone will be secure by simply tapping the smartphone onto the mount..No clips, clamps of buttons to press! When a phone is secure in place, it becomes easier to use for GPS navigation too.

This magnetic car mount for cell phones is not bulky or space consuming at all. You no longer have to suffice for keeping your phone in the cup holder or dashboard unlike other holders on the market. This magnetic car mount sticks on dashboard, thereby not blocking your windshield or Air Vent.

Navigation is extremely easy with this magnetic cellphone mount. It can easily rotate, fix, or tilt to any angle that best assists you viewing the phone.

The magnetic technology is safe to use, and will not harm any smartphone. The carbon steel plates inside the magnetic car mount are ultra thin and designed in a way that it provides powerful holding strength as well as absorbing magnetic instability. This extra slim magnetic mount attracts any phone to it quickly like a magic!

AN AMAZING GIFT:SMART & EASY extra slim magnetic cell phone holder Twin Pack is a great gift for your family, friends and loved ones.Get it today and surprise them on any special occasion.
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  • SIMPLISTIC & EASY TO USE: SMART & EASY Stick On Flat smartphone magnetic car mount WILL NOT BLOCK THE AIR VENT and windshield of the car. It’s 10X easier to use than any other mounts just stick it on a 30mm flat surface anywhere in your Car, Truck, RV, Bike, Boat or any other vehicle and you are good to go. SMART & EASY Magnetic mount is not only suitable for your vehicle but it is also used in the bathroom mirror, kitchen cabinet, office cupboard or on the wall to view your phone at all times.
  • EXTRA SLIM PATENTED DESIGN: SMART & EASY Extra Slim is US PATENTED & Trade Marked Design mount which will stick on anywhere on your dashboard or console area to hold your phone, it will not be indelicate in the car. This magnetic car mount has a smooth surface, suitable for mounting and holding any size smartphone in place.
  • SUPER POWERFUL MAGNET: SMART & EASY’s reinforced magnetic cell phone holder of this mount is what sets it apart from other cell phone mounts. This Universal magnetic cell phone holder produces an intensive force of attraction that will hold any smartphone like a magic. Including Android, Apple, Blackberry and Microsoft devices. Now you can get Two different colour magnetic mounts in a Gift Pack!
  • SWIVELS YOUR DISPLAY POSITION: Rotate your smartphone and swivel your display as you please. The base of the SMART & EASY car mount remains stuck on dashboard of your vehicle and does not move, no matter how much swiveling or rotation you do. This guarantees that your smartphone will always remain in your preferred position without any risk of slipping or dropping on the floor. The SMART & EASY magnetic mount sturdy base also ensures complete safety of your device on bumpy roads and terrains.
  • DAFQCO GUARANTEE: As usual, your purchase is fully covered by our 6 months better than money back guarantee. This ensures that in anycase if you are not happy with your product do not think twice and write to us, we will either replace the product absolutely FREE of give you FULL Money Back. SMART & EASY Extra slim stick on flat Twin Pack mount is a WONDERFUL GIFT idea for your family and friends.