DAFQCO DIRECT is an emerging company registered in England & Wales, United Kingdom. We take pride in complete satisfaction of our customers and  strive to deliver modern technological solutions to your everyday problems. We create brand new gadgets, cell phone accessories and electronics with the help of highly qualified engineers using only premium quality materials.

So far the popularity of our first ever brand SMART & EASY magnetic phone holder’ has proven that we can make things even more easier for our customers in their daily life by research, innovation and manufacturing top quality gadgets and providing to customers at a great price.

Your complete satisfaction and great value for money guaranteed (just read our testimonials).

Our Core Values Are:

  • Research and development in the electronics and modern gadgets field to find solutions to everyday problems.
  • Setting the highest standard of customer service 24/7 to reach out to our customers and provide assistance at all times.
  • Source products responsibly considering the impact on our environment.
  • Providing our customers best value for money and best product warranty if they are not happy with any aspect of our products or services.

All of our brands ‘SMART & EASY’, ‘iSMARTECH’,  iSMARTPRO, Selfie Pro’, ‘Smart & Easy Spares’ are private and Trade Marked brands of dafqco direct ltd.


Most of the brands are now available on amazon.com(US),  amazon.ca (Cananda) and amazon.co.uk (Amazon Europe). We are about to launch in Mexico, Japan, Brazil and India.